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Best-in-class Pusen single-use ureteroscopes
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Best in Class

Pusen single-use uscopes rated better by urologists in clinical studies in many ways compared to reusables and single use alike.


Pusen single-use scopes minimize packaging in recyclable sterile containers, no hazardous sterile chemicals for re-use, etc.

Easy order, setup, use

The Pusen high tech ureteroscopes are in stock in America, ready to ship, NO purchase contracts / GPO mandates and hassles, ever.

Why Pusen U-scopes are Best

Pusen u-scopes outperform both reusable and single use competitive devices. You may want them for difficult lower pole work, heavy or light case volume facilities, backups, demonstration, etc; still the best choice, high tech affordable u-scope

Trusted Global U-scope Leader

Pusen is approved and widely used across the world, including in strictest medical-device approval markets; Western Europe, the Middle East, America, Canada, etc. Cutting edge new technologies provide strong, active support and improvements.

Ethical, Eco-friendly, Safe, Fast

No toxic chemicals for staff sterilization, no contamination, minimal (and fully recyclable) packaging, and fastest stone recovery times with auto-locking ureteroscopes. Pusen scopes are the responsible, safe, quick option.

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Doctor Approved

Studied Internationally By Leading Publications

Clinical research studies by prestigious urology journals document the Pusen u-scope evolution to become the leading technology in only a few years.

See for yourself the incredible best-in-class Pusen results vs competing scopes – both reusable and single-use devices.

NOTE – Studies are research, not endorsements; observations provided are direct quotes,  cited. 

Please review the research directly and support these prestigious professional publications.

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Expert, Timely Assistance

International Medical Lasers is the exclusive US distributor of Pusen scopes. Help is available with Pusen questions with a close manufacturer relationship, often able to respond after hours.

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